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Waves of Love International

Healing the World Through Heart-Centered Art

Everyone needs love.  Right now.  The most powerful thing we can to do combat waves of COVID-19, fear, social strife& political uneasiness is to send out 'Waves of Love.'

Waves of Love International

Healing the World Through Heart-Centered Art

Everyone needs love.  Right now.  the most powerful thing we can do to combat 'waves' of COVID-19, financial fear, social strife & political uneasiness is to send out 'Waves of Love.'

The Million Waves of Love Movement

Our vision is for a BIG Blue Wave to sweep over our country, and then the world. We see millions of people around the world becoming "Ambassadors of Love" and helping heal the planet by sharing and receiving heart-centered art. 

  • One Million “Waves of Love” images shared on WOLI social media platforms via Instagram and Facebook.
  • Millions of hand-written “Waves of Love” postcards sent out by school children to pen pals and people they love.
  • Every Fortune One Thousand company purchasing a minimum of two COVID Relief Collectors Edition “Waves of Love” fine art pieces. They display one in their headquarters, and the other one, is gifted to a valued employee, vendor, client, or other member of the community who has been negatively impacted by Covid-19, or donated to the charity of their choice for auction.
  • Waves of Love - Music and Fun-Surfing Festival slated for summer 2021

The Beatles sang "All we need is love..." 53 years ago.  Right now, we need it more than ever. 40 Million Americans are out of work. With racial tension, social unrest, protests, political divisiveness, and the COVID-19 pandemic with unknown future waves of infection recurring... We could use a little love. No, not a little. We could all use WAVES of it. Right now.

Waves of Love International was established in March, 2020 when COVID-19 hit because my son and I were at home in our little apartment and feeling confused and powerless to help others who seemed to be suffering way more than we were. We had an idea. Imagine if people shared this beautiful, inspiring image with people they loved... people they appreciated... people they knew were risking their own health working overtime on the front lines ... people who were sick, or suffering... people who had just lost a loved one. Maybe it's a gift to a 2020 graduate who lost out on senior year of high school….and then, a man's life was snuffed out and the words, "I Can't Breathe" started a global movement for social change and racial equality. 


Our vision is to have the "Waves of Love" image shared 1 Million times around the globe on Instagram and Facebook social media communities. To support the movement further, we envision 10 Million post cards that will be mailed out by school children and 100,000 copies of "Waves of Love" fine art prints and posters sold and hanging worldwide in homes, stores and businesses.

Our concept is for corporations and large organizations to underwrite these large-scale WOLI post-card-pen-pal programs in schools, as well as other vertical segments of our society, economy, and community.

Our vision is for individuals and companies who are financially secure right now, to purchase WOLI art to gift to their friends, employees, vendors and clients who may be suffering, or simply those who deserve thanks and recognition for their extra special dedication to work or service during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our idea is for successful media personalities, social media influencers, sports, music and entertainment celebrities, , politicians and business leaders who share our vision to align with us, and back our project.

Our vision is that every individual reading this, is moved by this art and this movement, and feels called to purchase a "Waves of Love" piece for themselves or to gift to others whom they love. We see a "Waves of Love" print in every yoga studio, Pilates studio, health and wellness center, luxury spa, restaurant, juice bar, coffee shop, office waiting room, board room & employee break room.  We see prints hanging in bedrooms, over couches in living rooms, and even over bathtubs! We see every single nurse, doctor, medical assistant and janitor who had to don Protective Personal Equipment receiving a beautiful "Waves of Love" art piece from their employers.


With full respect to John, Paul, George and Ringo, we are humbly modifying their lyrics… It’s not about “All YOU need is love.” Right now, the new paradigm is: “All WE Need is love.”

With every art piece purchased, you will be supporting the artist (Jared is currently a freshman in college and the royalty income from WOLI art sales helps support his living expenses while in school) as well as charitable causes near and dear to our hearts. 

LIFE ROLLS ON - Founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with various disabilities.

DISABILITY:IN - Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Their network of over 220 corporations expands opportunities for people with disabilities across enterprises. Their vision is an inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully.

CENTER FOR CHILD-SAFE DIVORCE - The Center for Child-Safe Divorce is the home of the "Love Before Law" social media movement and is a global online resource dedicated to shielding children from the chaos of divorce-related conflict. Through its' alliances, CCSD advocates for children by helping parents choose clergy, counseling and coaching instead of court; mediation instead of litigation. 

We hope our cause, and the art inspires you, and that you purchase one for yourself as “self love”. Gift one to a family, friend or co-worker and “show them the love”. Remember, at WOLI, Every day is Valentines Day.

Click below to purchase a gift of Heart-Centered Art for someone you love, or someone you know who needs love, right now.

Corporate Underwriting & Sponsorship opportunities are available now for the following poster and post-card campaigns:

2020 High School Graduates

Front-line healthcare workers 

First-responders (all branches)

Truck Drivers

Hospitality workers

Condolence cards to COVID-19 victims' next of kin

With profound heartfelt gratitude, 

Stuart Weintraub, Founder & Creative Visionary

Waves of Love International

"Waves of Love" image Copyright © 2020 Jared Weintraub Photography. Licensed by Waves of Love International - All Rights Reserved

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